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Why to share clothes?

All of us need less of something in our lives. Less noise. Less bias. Less judgement. Less worries. Less clutter. Less stress. Sharing economy and the minimalism movement are means to reach a balanced state of less.Nowadays when we are already sharing our homes, our cars, our tools and even our pets, more and more people play with the idea of sharing their clothes, too. It actually makes much more sense than buying a new dress for every party; or giving into the newest trends just to get bored of them two weeks later; or having an overstuffed wardrobe but still endlessly craving for more: something cute today, something sexy tomorrow, something hip for the weekend, something classy for the work trip.

And above all that, borrowing clothes makes 100% more sense than supporting the industry that exploits people on the one side of the world to produce clothes, makes people on the other side believe they are not worthy of love, respect and happiness without it, and compromises environmental health and safety globally.

LESS is oh-so-much-more

Outfit Library LESS allows women to enjoy a positive experience of guilt-free “shopping” for a fixed monthly fee. But LESS is not only about finding “new” clothes, it’s about defining your unique style, learning about safe and sustainable personal care, receiving practical advice, getting inspired, connecting with like-minded people, feeling beautiful and accepted no matter your life story, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, age, size or language you speak. Outfit Library LESS is an inclusive, body-positive and co-creating community where all women (both by birth and by choice) can feel free to be themselves.

Good quality and best intentions

Think of the Outfit Library LESS as a shared and practically unlimited walk-in city wardrobe full of original clothes and accessories in a variety of styles where every piece was attentively and critically selected by hand to ensure its high quality and durability. 100% of the collection is second-hand gems – brandless garments that are still too good to be forgotten after a “one day stand”.

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